Scientific Name
Stipagrostis geminifolia Nees
Higher Classification
Aristida geminifolia (Nees) Trin. & Rupr.
National Status
Status and Criteria
Near Threatened* B1ab(iii,v)+2ab(iii,v)
Assessment Date
D. Raimondo & P.C.V. Van Wyk
National EOO 2776 km², and known in South Africa from fewer than 10 locations, where it is declining due to livestock grazing and mining. The South African population is continuous with the larger, stable Namibian population, and therefore the national status is downgraded by one category following IUCN regional assessment procedures.
Not endemic to South Africa
Provincial distribution
Northern Cape
Southern Namibia (Sperrgebiet) to the Gariep Valley and central Richtersveld, Northern Cape, South Africa.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Northern Richtersveld Yellow Duneveld, Western Gariep Lowland Desert, Western Gariep Plains Desert, Lower Gariep Alluvial Vegetation, Richtersveld Red Duneveld, Richtersveld Coastal Duneveld, Northern Richtersveld Scorpionstailveld, Upper Annisvlakte Succulent Shrubland, Alexander Bay Coastal Duneveld, Richtersveld Sheet Wash Desert
Gravelly flats and drainage lines.
This species' entire known range in South Africa is severely overstocked with livestock, and overgrazing is causing an ongoing decline. Subpopulations along the lower Gariep Valley are also threatened by habitat loss to mining.

This species has a limited range in South Africa, and persists in only a few places. The South African population is continuous with Namibia, where this species is more widespread, and possibly more common, and not severely threatened. It is therefore likely that the South African population could be supported by dispersal from the Namibian population (rescue effects).

Population trend
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Stipagrostis geminifolia NeesNT* B1ab(iii,v)+2ab(iii,v)2015.1
Stipagrostis geminifolia NeesLeast Concern Raimondo et al. (2009)

De Winter, B. 1965. The South African Stipeae and Aristideae (Gramineane). An anatomical, cytological and taxonomic study. Bothalia 8(3):199-404.

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Raimondo, D. & Van Wyk, P.C.V. 2015. Stipagrostis geminifolia Nees. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2020.1. Accessed on 2022/05/17

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